November 27, 2008

Easy steps to add additional Web Search Engines

In Risingware Exp+, you are allowed to add extra web search engines, which is currently not in the default list. And you'll find it as easy as it can get.

Step 1
Use hotkey Alt+F5 or left-click on the button at the left of search bar, then, a Manage Web Search Engines window will be opened.

Step 2 Press the Add(+) button, fields in Search Engine area will become editable. Then, Type a name and an alias for the search engine you are creating in [Name] and [Alias]* fields. Finally, press Confirm button to save settings. The following steps will lead you to find the accurate URL address to fill in.

Step 3 Type a homepage URL of the web search engine in address bar of a tab in Risingware Exp+, and press Enter. After that, type any search keyword in search bar of the search homepage. Here we take for example, type sky as search keyword, then press SEARCH button.

Step 4 Copy the URL address of the search result page.

Step 5 Paste it onto [URL Address] field in the Manage Web Search Engines window, and replace the search keyword sky with %s. Finally, press the Confirm button.

Note*:We'll teach you how to make good use of its alias in the next article titled "Easy steps to add additional Web Search Engines".

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