November 24, 2008

3 Secs to Email an Interesting Web Page

Whenever you feel like sending a web page which is interesting or informative to friends or yourself, mostly you have to do this through an email box. It is troublesome, isn’t it? Luckily, you can do this within few seconds with Web page e-Mailer in Risingware Exp+.

One-time setting of SMTP

Step 1 Press Exp+ Setup Center button at upper Function Key toolbar, or use hotkey Alt+O, an Exp+ Setup Center window will be opened.

Step 2 Switch to Web Page e-Mailer panel.

[Server address] and [Port] are required by email service provider like Gmail ( with port no. 465) or public SMTP server / 25. After that, fill in the rest of the fields. Remember if you are not using public SMTP server, you cannot skip [User name], [Password]. Finally, press OK button.

Step 3 (Omissible) Switch to e-Mail Template panel, you can unselect default options. If you unselect [Send as an attachment], Recipients will receive a thumbnail and link without an .html attachment. If you uncheck [Always Revise template before sending out], all web pages will be sent with a template you set in e-Mail Template panel. Finally, press OK button.

How to Use

When current tab is a web page, press Web Page e-Mailer button at upper Function Key Toolbar or use function key F4 to send it out as email. If [Always Revise template before sending out] field is selected, a Web Page e-Mailer window will be opened, whose fields are modifiable. Finally, press the OK button.

In the end, your friend will receive e-Mail like this one:


Unknown said...

this is useful!

risingware said...

Hey man you've got a very nice site. I just wonder "how to buy a risingware exp license". It does'nt work. I already bought All note, now tried to buy exp+, but the system says: "Forbidden
Guru Mediation:

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What to do now? ? ?

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