December 29, 2008

Magical Drag & Drop 1: Open Subfolders by Dragging and Dropping to TabBar

There are so many magical drags-and-drops designed for Exp+ file manager and web browser. However, that they might haven't been made good use is the reason why we are introducing them in series.

In general, when you want to open a few subfolders, you have to open one at a time. Well, with Risingware Exp+, you can finish this lousy job by one drag-and-drop. All you have to do is dragging and dropping them to one of the tab bars. Below is an example of drag-and-drop between panels.

Step 1
Select subfolders. You can do secure selection by clicking on their icons.

Step 2 Drag selected subfolders and cross panels.

Step 3 Drop them on circled area of the opposite panel. You may drop them on a tab bar, address bar, or any other spot in that area. Dropping it on a tab will have a different effect.

Instance 1: Dropping on blank spot of the tab bar

Instance 2: Dropping on address bar


Dropping outside the marked area, like toolbar, has no effect at all.

Step 4 As a result, the three selected subfolders will be opened respectively in new tabs of the opposite panel.

In addition, as mentioned in Step 3, the tab you drop on will be replaced by the first subfolder selected in step 1.


December 18, 2008

Use Mouse Wheel to Switch Tabs in a Millis

Multi-tabbing is nice. Then what? Have you ever given it a thought? "How can I do it faster?" Here is a trick that helps browse all tabs in no time by switching them with mouse wheel.

Step 1 Move cursor onto the circled area in one of dual panels. As you can see, you can move cursor onto a tab, tab bar, address bar, or any other spot in that area.

Instance 1: Cursor on a tab

Instance 2: Cursor on blank spot of tab bar

Instance 3: Cursor on address bar

Instance 4: Cursor on any other spot

Step 2 Scroll the mouse wheel up or down to switch to the left or right tab.

Instance 1: Switch to the right tab

Scroll down the the wheel button to switch focus from current tab to its right one. Keep scrolling down, it will keep moving right; after reaching the rightmost one in panel, it will move to leftmost one.

Note: you may use hotkey Ctrl+PageDown to do that.

Instance 2: Switch to the left tab

Scroll up the wheel button to switch focus from current tab to its left one. Keep scrolling up, it will keep moving left; after reaching the leftmost one in panel, it will move to the rightmost one.

Note: you may use hotkey Ctrl+PageUp to do that.


December 11, 2008

Use aliases of Web Search Engine Intelligently

Although you can activate a group of web search engines in Risingware Exp+ simultaneously, you just want to search in particular one(s) at times. Well, an alias can do the trick.

Use Alt+F5 to open the Manage Web Search Engines window. Make sure aliases have already been set up. Notice that you can set a few search engines with the same alias. In this way, you can call a specified group of them with a single alias.

Note: As you can see, search engines checked are Google Search and Yahoo Search, and they will be activated at every regular search.

Step 1 At web search bar, type an alias and search keywords.

Format: Alias + one Colon(:)+ Search Keywords

Note: An alias always precedes keywords, and both are separated by a colon(:). There is no difference whether you put Space between colon(:) and keywords.

In below screen capture, ‘g’ is the alias of Google search, ‘Risingware Exp+’ is the keywords.

If you want to activate more than one search engine, add ‘,’ or ‘;’ between aliases. Here ‘a’ is the alias of

Step 2 Press Enter key or press the Start button at the right corner to command the corresponding search engine to search the web.

After The web search engines corresponding to your aliases, Google Search and, will search the web and present the search results to you.