December 11, 2008

Use aliases of Web Search Engine Intelligently

Although you can activate a group of web search engines in Risingware Exp+ simultaneously, you just want to search in particular one(s) at times. Well, an alias can do the trick.

Use Alt+F5 to open the Manage Web Search Engines window. Make sure aliases have already been set up. Notice that you can set a few search engines with the same alias. In this way, you can call a specified group of them with a single alias.

Note: As you can see, search engines checked are Google Search and Yahoo Search, and they will be activated at every regular search.

Step 1 At web search bar, type an alias and search keywords.

Format: Alias + one Colon(:)+ Search Keywords

Note: An alias always precedes keywords, and both are separated by a colon(:). There is no difference whether you put Space between colon(:) and keywords.

In below screen capture, ‘g’ is the alias of Google search, ‘Risingware Exp+’ is the keywords.

If you want to activate more than one search engine, add ‘,’ or ‘;’ between aliases. Here ‘a’ is the alias of

Step 2 Press Enter key or press the Start button at the right corner to command the corresponding search engine to search the web.

After The web search engines corresponding to your aliases, Google Search and, will search the web and present the search results to you.

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